CD: Tomáš Reindl - OMNION
(Amplion Records 2011, quality digipack cover with english commentaries)

CD credits:
composed, recorded and mixed by Tomáš Reindl:
voice, overtone (aliquote) singing, beat-box, tabla, didjeridu, kanjira, darbuka, frame drums, hang, folk clarinet, "koncovka" flute, blues harmonica, keyboards, realtime looping

special guest: Amit Chatterjee (India/US) - guitar, voice
Anežka Hessová – kathak bells (ghungaru), voice
Pavel Hrubý - soprano sax, bassclarinet
Ilona Vozničková - vocal
Jakub Vejnar - bass
Markéta Schley Reindlová – church organ loops

MP3 samples from CD:

- based on the traditional Gayatrí Mantra of the Hindu tradition, it is adjusted here to fit a 7/4 beat-box pulse and the mantra serves here as the "drone" for the Gregorian-oriented vocal line composed on the latin liturgical text Sacntus (Holiness).
- a meditative composition using an ancient folk clarinet from Moravia (a simple predecessor of the modern clarinet).
Svatý Václave (Saint Wenceslas)
- inspired by one of the earliest known Czech spiritual songs from the 12th century which also was the first Czech national anthem.
All-IQ-o-t-E (All I.Q. of the Earth)
- a real-time looping composition using only the human voice, relying primarily on harmonic (overtone) singing. There is also a quotation from one of the earliest Gregorian chants - Improperia, which is sung on Good Friday in two languages - Greek and Latin.
Hang On
- the "Hang" is a new musical instrument inspired by Caribbean steel-drum, the Indonesian gongs and the African Udu. This piece is based on realtime-looping improvisation. Besides the hang one can hear the folk overtone-flute "koncovka," as well as the South Indian "kanjira" (a small, powerful frame drum with pitch bending capabilities).
Human body blues
- play with auhentic human (mostly mine) body sounds accompanied by blues harp (harmonica) and then digeridu. The bass line was performed unconsciousnessly (in deep sleep) by my friend Ales.
Shaman Cimrman
- a musical joke using fragments of famous Czech theatrical works of Jara Cimrman (used with the permission of the authors).

Compositions with special guests:

Benarespirit (drum´n´feet duet with Anežka Hessova)
- in "Kathak," a classical dance form of North India, complex rhythms are articulated by the hard, virtuosic tapping of the dancers' feet in concert with the "tabla" (drum) player. As a unique background to the music, this piece uses the authentic sounds of rituals at the bank of the Ganges river in the sacred Indian city of Benares (Varanasi). Church organ loop was recorded in St.Margaret Church, south-western Bohemia town Kasperske Hory.
Guest: Anezka Hessova - Kathak footwork, voice
In Nomine Patris
- the oldest composition of the Omnion project - using the latin liturgical text as a mantra, embellished by garlands of virtuosic improvisations by guest musicians.
Special guest: Amit Chatterjee (India/US) - guitar; and Pavel Hrubý - soprano sax; bass clarinet; Ilona Vozničková - vocals; Jakub Vejnar - bass
Párový tanec Šivy a Šakti
- inspired by Indian Classical Music and the mythology of the Hindu deities Shiva and Shakti.
Special guest: Amit Chatterjee (India/US) - guitar, vocal;
and Pavel Hrubý - soprano sax, bass clarinet






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