Dear friends,

We’d like to offer you a participation on a special music research.

AmitAs you may know, Indian classical music works with a highly sophisticated system of melodic structures (raga) and their correspondence with particular states of the mind and emotional responses (rasa). Great importance is given to specific tuning systems and micro-intervallic nuances in different ragas. This phenomenon has a parallel in European music as well, where, from the times of ancient Greece, psychological and musico-therapeutical aspects of different modes were known and widely used. Unfortunately, most of these principles were forgotten not only in Europe, but in India itself.

We are convinced, that music has very special power to influence the state of the mind, body and spirit of the listeners, and that it is really worthy to test the universal validity of these principles.

Therefore, we have prepared this online listening test of emotional responses to selected samples of North Indian ragas (together with s RNDr. Marek Friè, Ph.D. from Music Acoustic Research Centre). All of the sound examples were recorded by sitar maestro and singer from India, Mr. Amit Chatterjee (now living in New York/US). Test is a part of research project “Microtonality of indian classical music and its psychological aspects” at Music faculty of Academy of performing arts, Prague, Czech Republic.

If you want to participate on this special project, just click to the link below.

Though, firstly, there is a couple of technical instructions:

·      For listening, use the highest quality sound system available (speakers or headphones), don’t listen from laptop speakers,

·      for the full functionality, Firefox browser is recommended,

·      set up the sound level by playing introductory sound samples,

·      before the test itself, there is a training phase, where you can check out how three raga samples were evaluated by their performer, Mr. Amit Chatterjee,

·      count on that the whole test will take you approximately 40 minutes.


We will be also happy, if you support the project by sharing the test to your friends.



If you are interested in new similar test (which is just being planed) write me an e-mail. Thanks.


... for czech version of the test go here...






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