Ing. MgA. Tomáš Reindl, Ph.D.


            Composer, multi-instrumentalist and tabla player based in Prague, Czech Republic. In his music, he crosses the genre borders regularly, also, he often draws inspiration from ancient musical cultures of both East and West. At the same time, he takes advantage of modern compositional methods and electronics. Also, he is composing original music for theater and film.
He has finished his Master degree of composition at Academy of performing arts in Prague under prof. Hanuš Bartoň in 2016. In 2020 he finished his dissertation devoted to microintervals in hindustani music. Also, he's graduated from the Electrotechnical Faculty of West Bohemian University, at Pilsen before.
Tomas has visited many workshops and private lessons of different music cultures in Turkey, Italia, U.K. or India. Since 1998 he has devoted himself into study of Indian Classical Music and the tabla drums  His teacher is tabla maestro Sanju Sahai, the leading performer of the prestigious Benares Gharana (lineage) of tabla. Tomas has travelled to India several times for the purpose of furthering his education. At the time Tomas is the only percussionist in Czech Republic playing tabla and Indian Classical music professionally.
As a musician, he performs regularly with his solo OMNION project, spiritual music project INGREDIENTE, there is long term cooperation with great international artist Amit Chatterjee (India/US), as well as other artists as: Shahab Tolouie (Írán), Pavel Fajt & Gathering of Drummers, Lenka Lichtenberg (Canada), Yair Dalal (Izrael), BERG orchestra, or „early music“ ensemble Musica Florea.
In the past he has worked with artists as: Milan Svoboda, Iva Bitova, Paul Livingstone, Jibendra Narayan Goswami, Sandip Mallick, Ghulam Murtuza Khan and many others.

At present time, Tomas Reindl teaches Ethnomusicology and several other Music Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. He regularly conducts his own workshops and seminars too.

Selection of realized works:

JAK JE DŮLEŽITÉ MÍTI FILIPA – theater soundtrack (2018)
JOGA: Melodram for the guru, yogis and the orchestra (2017)
TOUCH OF CONCRETE – film soundtrack, dir. Viktoria Rampal Dzurenko (2017)
PERINATAL – Electro-acoustical Christmas composition for Czech radio (2016)
UTERO – Concerto for Violoncello, tabla and Symphonic Orchestra (2015)
HLAS ZE ŠUMAVSKÉ POUŠTĚ (Voice from Šumava Desert) – electro-acoustical composition made for Czech Radio (2014)
BEATBERG for beatboxer and orchestra (2015)
EART-BEAT for four percussion players (2014)
MANTRAGORA for symphonic orchestra (2013) – Komorní filharmonie Pardubice, dir. Vojtěch Jouza
UJO VIKTOR (2013) – movie soundtrack, dir. Viktoria Rampal Dzurenko
ARCANUM CORDIS for string orchestra (2012) – Komorní filharmonie Pardubice, dir. Petr Louženský
INTERHALATIO for flute, tabla and electronics (2012)
TRANS-ORGANUM for organ and percussion (2011)
IN-TERRESTRIA for violoncello, bass clarinet and tabla (2010)
KONNAKOL PIANO for solo piano (2010)
ZAHRADA SOCH - Full-time ballet soundtrack, dir. Irena Žantovská (2010)


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